How it works

Check My Brain is the quickest and easiest test in the world, involving just 20 hairs & 20 seconds of your time!

By using stem cell technology we will transform your hair cells into your own brain cells. They will allow us to detect possible earliest signs of developing brain disease.

The Check My Brain kit is composed of the vial(s) filled with the transport medium, a secure padded envelope with our address written and instructions. Follow them:

  1. Pull out a single hair.
  2. Put the hair inside the vial.
  3. Repeat the procedure until there is 20 hairs in the vial.
  4. Cut off parts of the hairs protruding from the vial.
  5. Close the vial by twisting the cap.
  6. Send it to us immediately.

After approximately 8 weeks, depending on the speed of growth of your cells, you will receive two documents.

The first document will report you results of the test with detailed medical explanation. The second document will contain precise and personalized recommendation of which therapeutic procedures to undertake (if needed) to slow down, stop or revert the observed pathological process.

Check My Brain gives you power to take control over your health!