Did you know?

Did you know that you have a 72% chance of developing some form of dementia?

This risk is nowadays gradually increasing; thus brain diseases are affecting an even younger population.

The only way to avoid dementia is to recognize the pathological process ON TIME – much before the onset of symptoms!

About the test

Check My Brain is the first test which can detect the earliest signs of developing brain disease, including dementia, ON TIME, much before the onset of visible symptoms.

Check My Brain is the only test which gives you highly personalized instructions on how to slow down, stop and revert the pathological process within your brain cells.

Check My Brain gives YOU power to take control of your health!


Personalized approach to slow down, stop or revert the pathological process within your brain.

How it works

Check My Brain is the quickest and easiest test in the world, involving just 20 hairs & 20 seconds of your time!

By using stem cell technology we will transform your hair cells into your own brain cells. They will allow us to detect possible earliest signs of developing brain disease.

The Check My Brain kit is composed of the vial(s) filled with the transport medium, a secure padded envelope with our address written and instructions. Follow them:

  • Take a forceps and pull out one hair by sudden movement. If your hair is long enough, it may be helpful to wrap a hair around a forceps. Equally, you can even use a pen to wrap a hair around it and then just pull
  • Immerse a tip of the hair which was rooted in your skull in the liquid within a vial. The rest of the hair can protrude out
  • When you put the first hair in the vial, repeat the procedure and add another hair
  • Please repeat the procedure until you are sure that within a vial you have at least 20 hairs. Remember, we need 20 hairs, so if you send us less, you will probably need to repeat the procedure
  • When you are sure that you have 20 or more hairs in the vial (with the roots immersed in the liquid), simply cut the part of the hairs protruding above the vial
  • Close the vial by tightening the screw cap. Screw it tightly to ensure that the liquid cannot leak out. Put the vial in the secure padded envelope, close the envelope and send it to us immediately (our address is already written). Please do not wait longer than 24 hours from the moment of plucking the hair to send it to us

After approximately 8 weeks, depending on the speed of growth of your cells, you will receive two documents.

The first document will report you results of the test with detailed medical explanation. The second document will contain precise and personalized recommendation of which therapeutic procedures to undertake (if needed) to slow down, stop or revert the observed pathological process.

Check My Brain gives you power to take control over your health!